Iman Hasbani is an artist born in Syria. she studied art at Damascus University. She holds a master’s degree in painting from the University of Damascus. and she studied a master’s degree in “Dialogue through Art”, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Beirut, Lebanon.
In her works of art, Hasbani increasingly deals with the themes of “memories” and “dreams”; as well as, in parallel, with questions of “transience” and “trace”.

she lives and works in Berlin

Her work is represented in numerous public and private collections in the Middle East and Europe. She received various prizes and awards for her work, such as the 1st prize for painting at the 9th International Miniature Art Biennial, Quebec, Canada (2008); 1st prize in the competition for young art, Damascus, Syria (2008); 2nd prize in the young talent competition painting, Damascus, Syria (2004) and others Her work has been shown internationally in museums and galleries in France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Iran, Turkey and in her home country Syria, in the National Museum of Damascus and in the National Museum of Latakea.

To the work
In her early works (approx. 2006–2009), Iman Hasbani dealt in particular with the topic of “loneliness of women in a closed society”. Hasbani’s own experiences and observations as a young woman in Syria provided the starting point for an artistic discussion. In addition, she used intensive research. She collected stories of women who had committed suicide or of women who died alone and whose diary entries had been found posthumously. Such material served the artist as a starting point for an artistic discussion in the form of drawings and paintings; and, over the years, increasingly also by means of video art and installation. As a further thematic reference source, Hasbani dealt a lot with literature; such as the novel “The Palace of Rain” by the Syrian writer Mamdoh Azzam or the poem “I who carry the flowers to my grave” by the Syrian poet Daad Hadad (who was found dead in her writing room and who herself died as a young woman) .
In later works (approx. 2012-2018) Hasbani increasingly deals with the topics of “memories” and “dreams”; as well as, in parallel, with questions of “transience” and the “trace” that people leave behind. This thematic series of works was mainly expressed in the form of performances and installations as well as photomontages.
In her most recent works, which have been created since 2018, Hasbani returns – not least due to circumstances – to simple and smaller media forms of expression, such as the medium of drawing or the diary. Hasabani examines the “poetry of everyday life”, but at the same time critically questions which “space for dreams” remains in a world that is dominated by power and interest politics, economy, consumption and virtual media.


2017 Her, there and other places, interactive sound Installation, Art-Lab-Berlin / Berlin, Germany

2013 Walk interactive Performance Aley, Lebanon,

2010 The Exit, Installation French cultural center,Damascus, Syria


2019 Atassi Foundation | Dubai, Dubai “the personal revelation – Syrian
Female artists “installation
2019 Maison des Arts – Contemporary Art Center | Malakoff, France
“Where is my friend’s house?” Installation
2018 Institute of the Arab World | Paris, France
“An open eye for the Arab world” photo montage
2018 Marien Hospital | Hagen, Germany
“Photo montage”
2018 Al Markhiya | Doha, Qatar
“Women group” painting
2015 Art´pu: l spot performing | Cologne, Germany
2014 Forum Factory | Berlin, Germany
“KunstStoff Syrien”, photo montage

2014 Art Resident | Aley / Lebanon
2012 Artellewa | Cairo, Egypt
“Strawberry Installation”
2012 All Art Now | Damascus / Syria
“Under the moonlight installation”
2010 International Videoart Festival | Marseille,
France | “23rd Moments” installation
2010 All Art Now | Damascus, Syria
“Second International Videoart Festival” installation
2009 Hvide Sande Kunstislusen | Hvide Sande, Denmark
“Between the Waters” installation
2009 National Museum | Damascus, Syria
2009 All Art Now | Damascus & Aleppo / Syria
“First International Videoart Festival”
2009 All Art Now | Damascus, Syria
“Magnetism” installation
2009 Museum of Modern Art | Latakia / Syria
Exhibition participation
2009 Kale Mat Gallery | Aleppo, Syria
Exhibition participation
2008 All Art Now | Damascus /
“Here I stand” installation
2008 Museum of Montelimar | Montelimar, France
Exhibition participation

2007 Ayyam Gallery | Damascus, Syria
“Syrian Youth Artists”
2007 Kanji Gallery | Aleppo, Syria
Exhibition participation
2006 Damascus University | Damascus, Syria
“Annual exhibition of art professors”
2006 Tehran Biennale | Tehran, Iran
Exhibition participation
2006 Khan Assad Basha | Damascus, Syria
“Annual Exhibition for Syrian Artists”
2005 Albal Gallery | Damascus, Syria
“Youth Graphics”
2004 Mustafa Ali Gallery | Damascus, Syria & Rome, Italy
Exhibition participation
2003 French Cultural Center | Damascus, Syria
Exhibition participation
2003 Khan As’ad Pasha | Damascus, Syria
“Annual Exhibition for Syrian Artists”

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